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CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD Technology escort you the world’s best elegant leather shoes for children as well as uniform/formal shoes for men’s and ladies. 

CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD Technology is one of the premier and leading organization fabricated dealing in craft, manufacture and retail of premium footwear for children.

Our family is in footwear business prior to 1947 established by my great grandfather and we purvey in the trade of manufacturing and marketing of sports shoes and formal shoes for everyone all through the biological clock. Sanchit Kundra is the company’s founder and we are following our family legacy and lifting our age-old business. CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD Technology is the intermediary of our main company which confers to be the only organization in India, dedicated to design kids leather elegant shoes with comfort ability ratio based upon the CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD  Technology copious with anti-bacterial properties.

Dexterous and adept in the shoe manufacturing industry from 15 to 20 years, we possess an accoutered of deeply knowledgeable and trained professionals connected to us since the coon’s age. We are blessed with fortune to be able to produce 1 million pairs of shoes every year with thousands of patterns and models utmost of our capability and receiving productive feedback from our customers and added the Dual Fit Technology so that a child can have perfect fit for long term. 

Our range of shoes are especially designed for comfort of school students and for that desired elegant and perfect look blending with those formal trousers and skirts. To overcome the restricted breathing tendency of the synthetic shoes, we have worked upon breathability and longer refreshment with a comfy feel. We have incorporated hygiene with safety, durability and comfort of the school going students’ shoes.

About Us -:

CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD  being the foremost and supreme organization forged for the manufacturing of leather shoes for children. We are the only organization in India who are dedicated to devise kids leather elegant shoes with comfort ability quotient centred upon the CARESELF SERVICES PVT LTD  Technology profuse with bactericidal properties.

A shoe has the paramount propensity to lift up your confidence.It makes you look taller, stronger, makes you run faster, boost up your Confidence which could assist you conquer the world.Following the commencement of my graduation in 2002, I, with the assistance of my uncle sowed the seeds of the shoe manufacturing industry and initiated the manufacture of 50 pairs of shoes per day for the domestic market.

Frequently after a short period of time, we started accelerating to 1800 pairs per day. We do international business and trading from the last 12 years accounting to 90% for Europe and other overseas markets that too in big volumes and with best international reach.Experienced and proficient in the shoe manufacturing industry traversing 15 to 20 years, we are equipped with well knowledgeable and skilled professionals dealing in the leather shoe manufacturing industry.

We hope for the optimal understanding of the child’s complexities concerning their usual synthetic shoes and aspire to consummate your desires.Taking one’s time for a story which I experienced very closely and inspired me indeed to start a full-fledged business dealing under manufacture of kids leather shoes for their schools.

The defaced and spoiled feet of my daughter due to stored sweat after wearing the synthetic base shoes grabbed my attention. I especially designed a shoe for my daughter from our industry and she felt very comfortable and content even while playing.

That very moment I pondered on setting up my own industry which would be fully focused on designing shoes parallel with high international standards for children and help their feet grow in a perfect shape. Because every child has a right to grow and be groomed in an ideal and best way. “Cinderella is proof that a new pair can change life” is a popular that is perfectly justifiable. After all, if you are in a right shoe, you would already feel that you are way miles ahead.

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