Buy 1 Help 1 & Save The Nature


This is a Campaign Started with 2 Major Aims 

  • 1st is to provide shoes to the needy so that no one is left without a shoe.
  • 2nd is to protect Mother Earth which is very important and responsible for each one of us so Here with Help of each individual who is associating with our campaign will help society and Save our Nature.

For each pair you buy, we provide an option for you to give us your used shoe which should be in wearable condition and we are giving you a discount against that as well so that more and more people can be associated with us. 

We will get those pairs from different parts of India to our workplace and get that refinished and put new in socks where to say that “Spreading Smiles through FreshFeet”

Once it’s refinished then it will be repacked and made ready to be distributed to the needy in different parts of our country and around the world with help of NGOs so that no one is left without a shoe one day.

Besides this worn shoe which is wasted and goes into Landfill etc. will be utilized for a few more months at least. And reduce millions of Tons of waste every year. 

We are starting this campaign from India and planned to take it to other parts of the world.

So here we are just a medium 

For you all who want to help society and protect Nature.


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