School is the most important life of a kid or a student, where they spent most of the time the day. Therefore School shoes become an important product s kids have been using it for the whole time in school. Hence school shoes have to be most comfortable so that kids can focus on other activities.

School-going children do a lot of activities during the entire day. Their feet must stay protected all the time. Suppose, they kick a football or run or do anything, their feet take a lot of tolls. Moreover, kids grow super fast. Our elegant leather shoes are designed employing Fresh1947Feet™ Technology which provides extra comfort and extra protection. It comes with antibacterial and antiviral properties that keep the feet fresh and healthy. The dual-fitting feature provides accurate fitting and enables the kids to wear the same shoe for a comparatively longer tenure.

We use Memory Foam insoles in our all-school shoes range, as memory foam provides the most comfort to the feet. Memory foam is a high-density polyurethane material commonly used in sofas and mattresses. It is well known for providing support and excellent pressure relief. And memory foam shoe insole bring all these features to your shoe.

Memory foam insoles work as a magic wand in making the shoes comfortable. As the name itself tells, they take the impression memory of your feet shape, and provide cushioning to every part of your feet. So when you wear Freshfeet school shoes you will instantly feel the comfort

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